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    LDS is an established service provider filling IT projects with highly skilled experts.
    Our clients are major national and international companies.

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    We may provide you access to the expert knowledge you need in the area of systems management and data center organization. You will always get the most appropriate expert - in the right place, at the right time.

    The Key to Economic Success

    Technological lead and innovative strategies are the most important factors to hold a loading position in the global markets. As manufacturer-independent provider we cover the full spectrum of technological expertise in systems management and engineering.

    We specialize supporting enterprises to achieve changes through the strength of your staff. We are more process coach as consultant. We enable your employees to shape the change process. This guarantees that the change process may be continued or repeated next year.

    Once properly engaged, changes may be easy. Concentrating on the essential, the clarity of a common approach, an appropriate involvement and the necessary competence are the key to success.

    Our pool of experts guarantees our customers always easy access to the latest technical knowledge and best practice experience. We provide the whole spectrum in technological knowledge from a single source. Benefit from our experience and our view to the whole.

    Important Features

    We provide all services with the following characteristics:

    - Individual Support

    - Customized solutions

    - System-independent consulting

    - Project documentation

    - On-site staff induction and training

    - Standardized and goal-oriented project execution


    Within the scope of our activities we provide the following services:

    Consulting in the area of data center organization focused on batch optimization, scheduling and batch automation. Support and project work for data centers and batch processing. We have also special knowledge in ISPF-Services (Dialog-Management, Library-Management, Table-Service, Edit-Macros etc.)
    We are specialized in consulting, support and projects relating the product IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS IWS (formerly TWS and OPC).

  • Workload Automation & Job Scheduling

    We offer you efficient solutions to automate your batch processes - for your classic batch on mainframe systems and distributes environments. The full use of all existing technical features and tools provides the highest level of automation for your batch processing.


    Saving Time, Effort & Costs

    As a result of consequent workload automation, you can reduce effort and working time of your teams processing your IBM Z Workload Scheduler environment. You improve the security of your IT production by simple and effective monitoring and good overview.

    We have many years of experience in implementing automation tools in mainframe batch production environments and we'd be pleased to share our skills and our years of experience and expertise with you. If you have any questions, we would be more than interested in speaking with you.

    Service around Enterprise Job Scheduling focusing on Workload Automation.

    - Analyzing technical processes and organizational tasks in the batch environment

    - Conceptual and organizational advice in the context of implementation

    - Developing new technical methods and procedures

    - Analyzing the existing implementation and vulnerability analysis

    - Interface Analysis

    - Feasibility studies and cost estimation

    - Advise on scheduler migration

    - Project Management

  • Mainframe-Tools


    Moving or taking-over a complete batch production or parts if it to another system environment or data center is a real challenge! To avoid any problems caused by e.g. missing objects, wrong naming conventions, non-existing environments etc. we develop the Batch-Replicator!


    The Batch Replicator allows a lot of changes in your production, it duplicates your batch environment from e.g. test into production environment.
    A perfect set of tools is available to support all necessary activities. Replicate or copy your batch production environment or specific parts of it. All jobs and other JCL components will be downloaded, which are part of the previous unloaded scheduler data (this is normally an unknown part) All interface which results by unloading parts of a production work flow will be marked.
    Jobcontrol and scheduler data may be modified to meet specifications and guidelines of the target system! It is possible to create 'DEFINE GDG' statements based on unloaded jobcontrol for all new dataset names. EXCLUDE lists may be created to ignore certain interface problems. All change definitions will be logged and may be reloaded on demand to allow reruns of modifications at any time.

    Replicator Präsentation

    Using our software tool >> BATCH REPLICATOR << during the takeover of a bank's datacenter essentially contributed to process this migration quickly, within the shortest time possible. About 720 different change instructions (old> new) approx. 172.000 modifications in IWS (TWS, OPC).
    No problems and errors caused by these changes were deleted at production start. You may get more information downloading our presentations and other documents.


    Jobman Screen

    Tool JOBMAN is a very special modification service, which allows users to make changes in freely selectable JCL files. It allows to change all JCL objects, to add JCL parts and whole steps.
    JOBMAN can easily be integrated into existing handover procedures!

    More about these tools in the form of documentations and presentations you can see in our download area!



    RACF Compare

    As part of several LPAR consolidations we had the task to move whole systems into other sysplex environments. One of the serious problems was to consolidate RACF databases. Here we had to determine whether generic profile definitions lead to logical overlays and therefore to unexpected results on the target system.
    To be able to compare these definitions, a program was developed to achieve this highly complex task.

    Extract from RACF Program Documentation.pdf

    IWS for z/OS Web Interface

    The IWS Focal Point is used to control several IWS controllers on different systems. The displayed information is created by a started task and stored as HTML files on a mainframe system. This data is browsed using a webserver with an automatic refresh logic.


    FOCUS Hauptbildschorm
    Browser-Screenshot des z/OS Web-Interface FOCUS

  • Download Software & Documents

    Documents & Software

    Download all wanted Presentations, flyer, user manuals or software to your workstation:

    Jobman.ppsx Jobman Powerpoint Presentation
    Jobman.pdf Jobman Product Flyer
    UserManual.pdf Technical User Manual
    MANWare.zip Jobman Software Package ((Test-)licence required)

    Batch Replicator
    Replicator.ppsx Batch Replicator Powerpoint Presentation
    Replicator.pdf Batch Replicator Powerpoint Presentation as PDF file
    Flyer.pdf Batch Replicator Quick Reference
    UserManual.pdf Technical User Manual (english version)
    REPWare.zip Batch Replicator Software Package ((Test-)licence required)

    To get more information or a test licence key use the contact details in the footer of this page or get in touch with our representative and IT specialist:

    Egon Dümig
    Schmalzgrube 15
    D-63762 Großostheim
    Telefon: +49 6026 996926
    notes@duemig.de | www.duemig.de

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